Our hotels are located in Paralia Katerinis (Pieria).
Paralia is a seaside resort 8km away from Katerini.
You can relax on our sandy beaches.
It is a good opportunity for you to visit Mount Olympus.

General information

There are 8 reasons to choose us for your vacation.


  Paralia is a beautiful seaside resort,located 8km from Katerini (The center of Pieria) and 70 km from Thessaloniki . By your visit in Paralia you can enjoy our sandy beaches and you can also visit many archeological sites and Mount Olympos.


 Our  beaches give you the opportunity to select either a well organized beach with plenty of beach bars so that you can enjoy the sea and the sun along with your favorite refreshment and music or a more quiet beach where you can relax.


 During your vacation in Paralia you can choose from a large variety of watersports such as jetski ,windsurfing ,canoe, water bicycle,”tube” and you can find them easily on different spots along our beach.

The pedestrian walkway gives you the chance to explore every side of Paralia. There are many shops (souvenir and traditional art , clothing shops) and also many restaurants with fresh seafood and traditional dishes or fast food . It’s a good way for our visitors to have a taste of our cousine and also to learn about our culture.


 Another thing that makes your vacation an exceptional experience is Paralia’s glamorous life at night .You can choose to relax between many seaside cafes or you can have your drink between many and different night clubs and bars.


 Every summer many music festivals take place in paralia’s center next to the church . Traditional dances and other music bands from Europe organize their concerts here.




For those who are into sports, η Paralia has many courts for Basketball and Tennis, so everyone can have fun during the holidays.


 Paralia is a place where both children and parents can enjoy their stay by having fun between different amusement parks.

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