Our hotels are located in Paralia Katerinis (Pieria).
Paralia is a seaside resort 8km away from Katerini.
You can relax on our sandy beaches.
It is a good opportunity for you to visit Mount Olympus.

About Pieria

The Municipality of Pieria is situated on the South Western edge of Central Macedonia. It lies between the Municipality of Larissa to the South and the Municipality of Thessaloniki to the North and it is connected to the National motorway (E75)  from Athens to Thessaloniki . The Thermaic Gulf lies to the east, the Aliakmonas River lies to the north. Also the Pineios River lies to the South and the Mountain ranges of Olympus and Pieria to the West . Pieria has the advantage of having one of the best communication networks in Greece, and is easily accessible from all the regions of the country and abroad, as well as transport for export purposes. There are frequent bus and train services from all parts of Greece and abroad as well as Taxi services and access by car and motor bicycle.Pieria is the Greek Riviera. Besides the endless sandy and clean beaches, offers to visitors many other emotions. Both story, which is lost in the mists of antiquity, and natural beauty are elements that gives the guest memorable experiences of his visit to the county.

Pieria is the land of myths of gods and the Muses. The history combines with a rich cultural past. Pieria is the land of Eden,and a very blessed place, with great charm and grace. A magnificent nature and historical heritage.  The Greeks discovered findings in ancient cities (Dion, Leibithra, Pimpleia, Pydna, Methoni, Makrygialos) and other monuments.

Mount Olympus, Titaros and the mountain range of Pieria, the coastal wetlands and the sea complete the integrated ecosystem of Pieria. Both taken as a whole and in its individual parts, the land of Pieria can be seen to be one great environmental system with natural wealth, with a particularly wide variety of plants and animals . Especially in the summer in all this is added a series of cultural activities and of course the major event of the summer, Olympus Festival which takes place mainly at the ancient theater at Dion. The artists from all over Greece and abroad, are meeting in Pieria each summer, performing concerts, theatre, traditional nature events and many more artistic activities.

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